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Day Twelve

Sorry I didn’t put anything on the blog yesterday, I was busy getting everything finished for the website.  Well, today is the final day, the day I present my senior project.

Day Ten

Today I continued to write captions for our vacation photos, wrote about my favorites at the Disney Parks, and continued to reorganized the web site.  ONLY ONE DAY LEFT!

Day Nine

Today I wrote the intro for the website, wrote about my Disney experiences, and all of the photos have been selected and processed. Only two days left!

Day Eight

Today I wrote even more captions for vacation photos, took pictures of Disneyana on the middle floor of the house, and the pictures of the pin collections were put on the site today.  I better get working since I only have about three days left until I have to present the project.

Day Seven

Today, I wrote even more captions for our vacation photos and took pictures of more of my Disneyana. 

Day Six

Today, I continued to write more captions for our vacation photos.  Also, posted pictures of book and magazine collection to website.  In addition, did revisions to menu system of website.

Day Five

Today I wrote more captions for photos.  I got sidetracked when I had to go to get a haircut. I will do more work on the weekend.